All Systems Go - tells a bit of a story...

A young dreamer examines and experiences some of the existential alternatives 

to the rigid dystopian society of the future within which he feels captive.  

On his whirlwind tour of solutions in this 'one world' repressive state, 

our protagonist considers:

Revolution, Hopefulness, Counter Culture, Hedonism, Conformity/Acceptance, 

Ambivalence, Spirituality/Religion, Enlightenment, and Escape.

Each song represents a different alternative that the protagonist considers and explores - sometimes with unexpected consequences.

Rather than try to stick to one musical genre, each song in All Systems Go takes on the musical style to best convey the theme and mood of the song (which relate to different phases of a young man's tumultuous journey).

It's a concept album, a.k.a a 'Rock Opera'


In many ways, 'All Systems Go' is rock music with a little something more. Perhaps it has meaning or depth, and there is definitely an authentic sense of 'feeling' underlying the music.  Aside from all of that; the songs 'fit' together like episodes in a story.

There are lots of additional details behind these songs and how they are intertwined.  Some of this may not be obvious at first listen. To provide an ample summary for each song, the music links along with storyline details and lyrics have been released to this site - so you may easily approach them in order...

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