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A. We Rise Each Day (Subterfuge)



We Rise Each Day (originally Subterfuge)

So, we rise each day in the morning

to the tune of the same old song.

And all the people put on their pretty faces

to become part of the throng.

Then you put on your shell that your supposed to be

and forget what you really are.

Then we enter the glut of the human void

in the heat of the Central Star.

Our minds all melt together

into one big robot mind.

So we can pass away the hours

now that we're deaf and dumb and blind.

And the day fades away into darkness

but the end never comes to soon.

And the world turns to dust as you shed your crust

in the mist of the pale blue moon.

That's when I sneak out into the still of night

While the whole worlds fast asleep.

I'm just a wondering what it's all about

so I search for what I seek.

I make my way toward the hilltop

and that outpost hideaway,

as I think about the mass distress

that protrudes on every day.

I arrive at the 'Shroud of the Silent'

where they're hung on a different tune.

And they dream about tomorrow

In the mist of the pale blue moon... the mist of the pale blue moon.

Storyline Notes

[Scene: The scenery is sleek and futuristic, but dark and foreboding.  At first glance, the nighttime city-scape could well be from earth of the future or perhaps from another more alien place.  A pale blueish moon hangs in the sky.]

The protagonist of 'All Systems Go' is Dax, who finds himself living at the whims of an uncaring yet controlling society. Dax becomes so despondent about the oppressive system within which he abides, that he is willing to break one of the sacred laws - he goes outside at night.

Aside from the blatant repression imposed by the all controlling 'SOL' organization, he feels that he lives in a world where there is a lack of meaning, or lack of purpose.  No sense of connectivity. A coldness - perhaps driven by mutual paranoia - among every day people.

So when he leaves his small assigned sleeping domain, he timidly meanders through a moonlit forested region. He searches for a small group of rebels. It is rumored that these desperate souls gather in a valley secluded by a ring of hilltops - on the night of each full moon. 

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Words and Music by David Denton

All Instruments and vocals performed by David Denton

Recorded and Produced by David Denton


Commentary - Technical Notes

Hard to believe I wrote this in my early teen years.  One of my first songs.

At several stages of my life after writing this, the first part of the song would still 'ring true' at times. It would echo some of my feelings as I trudged off to work or school.  I think many people feel a huge sense of frustration at the sheer monotony we sometimes feel in the modern world.

The second part of the song encapsulates our rebellious side, and I think we all fantasize about some sort of remedy or escape at some point in our lives.

Technical notes:

It is truly an 'introductory' type of song that tries to set the stage for the other selections. 

It is odd, that like several songs in All Systems Go, it does not follow the typical 'verse chorus verse chorus' pattern that is almost 'required' in pop music nowadays.

The song is quite short about 3 minutes, with a 1 minute intro and 2 minutes of verse.  I am making a version without the intro since some people do not have the patience to listen to music without words for very long.

Aside from the intro, the music was entirely re-recorded by DD in late 2017.

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