Credits for the 'All Systems Go' project

David Denton

Songwriter/Musician/Recording artist.  "I guess I have always had an overactive imagination."  David wrote all of the songs on 'All Systems Go' in his teens and 20's.  They were mostly recorded piecemeal in his home studio over several years.  The process culminated when he resurrected the related recordings and digitally cleaned up some of the originals in late 2017 (to be released in early 2018). At that time he also added several tracks and re-recorded a few songs entirely in order to complete the 'rock opera'. 

While he is adept at vocals, bass, keyboards, drum sequencing, and multi track recording, David is primarily a guitarist.  Hence 7 of the songs in 'All Systems Go' are very much guitar oriented rock... with a bit of a twist!

Unless otherwise stated below, David performed all vocals and instruments.

Cat Denton

Cat is an incredible vocalist with a dynamic range that is great for both powerful rock and mellow tunes.  She recorded outstanding lead and backing vocals on the following songs:

B. The Same Thing Happens to Me Every Day (Sung to Sol) - Co-Lead and backing vocals.

D. Outsiders - Co-Lead and Backing vocals

E. Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't - just some killer backing parts make this song.

H. Crosswinds of Time - All Lead and backing vocals (really powerful!)

K. All Systems Go - Co-Lead and backing vocals

A fantastic guitarist in her on right, she also played some of the Guitars on 

B. The Same Thing Happens to Me Every Day.

I forgot to mention in the CD (oops) - she played the kick-a** bass part on:

K - All Systems Go

The Atlanta based band 'Matrix'

Matrix - A hard rocking band from the 90's  recorded track B (The Same Thing Happens to Me Every Day.) in the basement of a rental house.   At that time the song was called 'Sung to Sol'.

Matrix consisted of Cat Denton (lead vocals, guitars),  David Denton (guitars vocals), Jeff Didas (percussion, vocals, guitars), Mary Gunstone (bass, vocals).  Lars Osley was sound engineer and had a creative influence on the band as well.  More details below...

Jeff Didas

Jeff Didas is a multi talented musician/songwriter.  He played drums on the track B. The Same Thing Happens to Me Every Day.  He did a great job with all the timing changes in this song! 

Jeff is an energetic drummer, with just the right beats for any song.  He is spot on with timing  and very fun to work with! 

Mary Gunstone

Mary was a very intuitive bassist and songwriter.  She was a among the most insightful and creative thinkers I have known.

Sadly, Mary passed away a few years ago.  She is greatly missed by her friends, but she lives on in our hearts and in her music.

Mary performed bass on track B. The Same Thing Happens to Me Every Day.

Lars Osley

Lars is an incredibly intelligent and creative individual. He has written many songs and plays drums, bass, and sings.  He is also a great sound engineer for both live and recorded music.

He did some of the backing vocals on track K: All Systems Go.

He also did some of the original sound engineering on the following tracks:

B: The Same Thing Happens to Me Every Day.

K. All Systems Go.

Non-Musical Credits

Natali Snailcat (via Shutterstock)

Because the song 'The Moon In The Sea' is one of the catchiest tunes in the project, and there references to the moon in other songs - David was looking for images of a moon over the sea.  The image I found on Shutterstock was perfect.  She is an incredible artist!

The image is called...


Mike Koenig

Thunder and Rain sounds in track 

I. High On Life

from Mike Koenig via



The Folks at CD Baby

They made the production of the CD and digital and physical distribution all possible.  They are a great bunch of people to work with!

Thanks especially to sound Engineer Doug Beck for his patience and great work in the CD mastering.

Friends and Family

David says, " Thanks to all my friends and family who have humored and endured 

my musical misadventures for all my life."

Sally (My Wife)

David says, "Thanks especially to my wife Salud 'Sally' McCarter-Denton for her

patience, encouragement and understanding.  I love you, Baby."


Truly, what can I say? Thanks for EVERYTHING. I will try to spend the rest of my life 'High On Life'